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Queen's Corner

Introducing the

2021 AASP&RC Queen...

Miss Samantha Boyce


Samantha Boyce was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. She is the daughter of Darrell and LaHonda Boyce. Samantha is 23 years of age and a graduate of South Plains College. 

She began riding horses when she was approximately 7 years old. She has had a love for horses ever since she had her first horse, Gus. Since then, she has served as queen for the Lubbock Saddle Club, West Texas Drifters, District 2, and Kingdom Hearts Riding Club. 

Samantha is honored to be elected to serve as Queen for the American Association of Sheriff's Posses & Riding Clubs. This has been an aspiration of hers ever since she became a member of the Association.

Please use the form below to invite her to your club or District events. Samantha is excited to serve the members of the Association. 

Queen Invites

Thank you for your submission. The Queen's Committee Chairpersonwill respond to you as soon as possible. 

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