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About the AASP&RC

Taken from the Foreward from the AASP&RC Rulebook:

The American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs was organized in December, 1952 as the West Texas Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs, when a group of representatives from Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs met to compile rules for judging parades. There were 13 charter members.

The name was changed at a director's meeting during the 1955 Roundup to "American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs", because of the interest shown over a much wider area. The AASP&RC is a national organization; however, the major part of our membership is in Texas and Oklahoma.

The Association's motto is "Horsemanship, Sportsmanship, and Citizenship". The purpose of the Association shall be to encourage the use of this motto and keep alive "The Spirit of the Old West".

The Association has a convention each year, at which Delegates gather to resolve the problems of the past year, set policies, elect officers for the coming year and present awards. A queen is crowned at this meeting to reign over the Association for the coming year as an honorary officer.

The Association holds an Annual Roundup in the spring. Activities at the Roundup include a barrel race and a jackpot play day. Those who wish to do so, may camp out in true Western Style. In addition to Spring Round Up, the Association hosts Play Day Finals in June, and soon to return, a 50/50 event between The American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs and the National Association of Riding Clubs and Sheriff Posses. 

Due to the growth of the Association, Districts were formed and District Headquarters designated. These Headquarters have the function of establishing a District for the convenience of riding clubs in the area. Each member club in the District elects two Delegates, who in turn elect District Officers and Regional Board as well as Association Officers, Districts are organized into Regions for better operation of Association activities. The governing board of each Region is elected by the club delegates. All clubs that would like to become members of the Association may obtain application forms from the Association office. Additional information may be obtained from any officer or board member of the Association.

The Association welcomes new members, clubs and Districts to the group and looks forward to meeting  you and your family!

For more information on the Association, please contact one of the officers or chairpersons listed on the Contacts page.

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